Pokemon GO Fast Leveling – Pidgey Power Leveling Guide

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For those of you that want to speed through the lower levels fast and get to a more competitive stagem here’s how you do Pokemon GO Fast Leveling.

Save the Pidgeys!

Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles all cost 12 Candy to evolve and each pokemon evolution gives you a nice 500 XP. That means that for every 4 pidgeys you catch, you get 900xp (500xp from evolution and 400 XP for catching 4 pokemon).

It’s important to save up a lot of candy so that you can use a lucky egg and do 10-20 evolutions in the thirty minutes that the lucky egg is active. Each evolution while under the lucky egg effect, gives you 1000 XP.

What if there are no Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles in my area?

While not very likely, it can happen. In that case Rattatas are the next best choice with as they cost 25 candy per evolution. Any Pokemon that spawns frequently in your area (regardless of its evolution cost) can and should be used this way.

How much combat power does my Pokemon need to have before it is worth to evolve it?

Doesn’t matter. Not if your level is under 20.

Below the lvl 20 you gain levels far to fast and the combat power of the pokemon you encounter increases linearly with your level. That means that your only goal should be to get to lvl 20. Only after that should you start to worry about which Pokemon you want to evolve and which you want to transfer. Also, only then should you start to spend your hard earned Stardust.

Pokemon GO Fast Leveling
Pokemon GO Fast Leveling

I’m level 20, now what?

After hitting level 20, it becomes much harder to gain levels and the gap between players who play a lot and those who play less frequently starts closing. Now it is time to start thinking about taking gyms and spending stardust to power up Pokemon. Make sure to only evolve Pokemon whose combat power is at least 90% of its max combat power.

After you evolve a Pokemon, it’s combat power increases drastically (check our Evolution Calculator), but it’s ratio of current combat power to max combat power remains the same. So if you evolved a pokemon with 900 CP and it’s max combat power is 1000 CP. And it’s combat power increases to 1620 CP, it’s max combat power will be 1800 CP.

Eggs, eggs, eggs.

Another good way of using the Lucky Egg effect is to put multiple eggs in the incubator at the same time, wait until their are almost hatched and then use the Lucky Egg. The eggs that hatch will all earn you double their normal XP, giving you a nice boost.

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