Strap yourselves in Trainers, Pokemon Go 2020 Fest Has Begun! As our overseas friends have just started experiencing the event we now have more details about Go Fest that we’re excited to share with you all.

Please note: This info is coming directly from our friends over at and will be updated as and when new information comes in.

Event Date: Saturday, July 25, 2020, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. & Sunday, July 26, 2020,  10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time.



  • Boosted Pokemon Spawns for all who purchased a ticket.
  • Special Research that gives a decent number of items.
  • New shiny Pokemon have been released including Heatmor, Hat-wearing Kanto Starters and Unown!
  • 3 Weeks of “Ultra Unlock” bonuses if enough global challenges are completed.


There are 5 different “Habitats” that will rotate each hour on the hour for the duration of the event. The exact nature of which habitat you will face first will be determined by your time zone. You can see exactly which schedule you will have by clicking here.

Our friends over at have devised a handy web app that detects your timezone and displays the schedule of habitats based upon your location.

The 5 habitats are:

  • Battle
  • Friendship
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass

Spawn Increases Throughout Entire Event

Incense Incense Photobomb

Spawn Increases Throughout Battle Biome

Machop Grimer Dratini
Sneasel Skarmory Slakoth
Sableye Meditite Swablu
Zangoose Seviper Gible
Croagunk Stunfisk Durant

Spawn Increases Throughout Friendship Biome

Pikachu Clefairy Jigglypuff
Chansey Eevee Snorlax
Togetic Marill Sudowoodo
Wobbuffet Mantine Roselia
Feebas Woobat Chimecho

Spawn Increases Throughout Grass Biome

Bulbasaur Venusaur Oddish
Exeggcute Exeggutor Tangela
Sunkern Treecko Seedot
Cherrim Snover Leafeon
Snivy Foongus Ferroseed

Spawn Increases Throughout Fire Biome

Charmander Charizard Vulpix
Ponyta Marowak (Alola) Magmar
Flareon Houndour Torchic
Numel Tepig Darumaka
Litwick Heatmor


Spawn Increases Throughout Water Biome

Squirtle Poliwag Tentacool
Slowpoke Magikarp Vaporeon
Chinchou Qwilfish Mudkip
Carvanha Clamperl Oshawott
Tympole Alomomola

New Pokémon in Event

  • Pikachu Visor Bulbasaur
  • Pikachu Visor Charmander
  • Pikachu Visor Squirtle
  • Rotom
  • Victini

New Shiny Pokémon In Event

The Global Challenges

Trainers should work together in the Global Challenge Arena! This GO Fest–exclusive feature will be available only to ticket holders. In the Global Challenge Arena, Trainers will have to join forces in order to complete a collaborative challenge each hour. If Trainers complete a challenge, they will earn a bonus for the remainder of the hour. You can check the Global Challenge Arena screen to keep track of global progress!

Day 1 Priorities:

We all like a helping hand sometimes and for those who are looking for a few pointers please see the below points for what you should be focusing your time on during this first Day of Go Fest.

  • Catch as many Pokemon as you can whilst your in a specific habitat! – Some of these spawns are very rare that you might not get another chance to catch for a long time so fill your boots! The professor is standing by with the grinder for all of those ‘Mon that don’t make the cut.
  • Don sweat – If you miss a particular Pokemon, the habitats appear twice each, so wait focus on the current spawns and go after your prize later in the day.
  • Remember to help complete the current Global Challenges. These change every hour and there is a huge set of rewards if we all manage to achieve a certain number completed. See below for the ‘Deets.
  • Remember to HAVE FUN! We might never get to experience an event like this ever again so please don’t forget to enjoy yourselves out there, wherever you are!

Event Specific Raid Bosses

Tier Raid Bosses
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5

Event Research Encounters


Go Fest Welcome

Task Reward
Take a Snapshot of your buddy Incense x 10
Use an Incense Great Ball x 200
Catch 20 Fire type Pokemon Charizard Encounter + 10,000 XP
Catch 20 Water type Pokemon Blastoise Encounter + 10,000 Stardust
Catch 20 Grass type Pokemon Venusaur Encounter + 2 x Lucky egg
Battle in 2 Raids Gible Encounter
Make A New Friend Snorlax Encounter

Ultra Unlock Bonus  rewards for completing the global challenges

If enough trainers come together to complete the following number of global challenges then there will be 3 weeks of “Ultra Unlock” Bonuses. There will be a total of 32 possible global challenges to complete within the 2-day event window and the requirements are as follow:

Challenge Reward
Complete 8 Global Challenges Dragon Week
Complete 16 Global Challenges Enigma Week
Complete 24 Global Challenges Unova Week


Day 2

Although today has given us an inkling of what general sort of thing to expect from Go Fest, Day 2 has always been sold as a “Surprise” and a complete shake-up for players.

Stay tuned for our Day 2 Guide…