World Tourism Day 2019 Field Research Tasks

Trainers, the following research tasks are now available during the Pokemon GO World Tourism Day 2019 event:

World Tourism: Do a trade of over 10,000km Zangoose
Rewards the rival Pokémon not native to your region (Zangoose USA, Seviper in EU)
World Tourism: Send 25 gifts Lapras
World Tourism: Make a new Friend Nosepass

A few notes on the event now when it’s live:

How to get 10,000 km on trading – easily

  • The 10,000 km trade needs to happen in one trade, not a combination of trade sequences. Yep, it’s a big trade, but there’s a workaround. The easiest way is to:
    • Visit /r/pokemongotrades/ and get new buddies from an opposite continent. Be sure they’re really… really… really… far
    • Open gifts, get 7 KM eggs, hatch eggs from that continent.
    • Trade those Pokémon for distances over 10,000 km
    • Profit!
  • Check your Pokémon storage for Pokémon that could be 10,000 km away as well.

Other tips and tricks

  • Seviper and Zangoose are still spawning in their respective regions
  • Shiny Seviper and Zangose are available and confirmed live
  • Event exclusive hatches are live, but require 5 KM eggs to hatch
  • This is a “non-event”, take it easy and enjoy the ride. If there’s a good box sale, get some incubators
  • All event features are live as well:
    • New United Nations World Tourism Organization T-shirt
    • Region exclusive Pokemon will be available in 5 km Eggs
    • Mime Jr. will be available in 5 km Eggs in Europe
    • Shiny Mime Jr. will be available
    • Shiny Seviper and Zangoose will be available
    • 1/4 Stardust for trading
    • 2x XP from PokeStops

Do note that Spawns have recently changed dramatically, so your regular play zones may have been changed. In any case, these are the new shiny Pokémon you can obtain starting with this event:

Event info graphic


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