Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado performance in PvP, gyms and raid meta

Pokemon GO PvP

At last, we got the information for both Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado. Exciting right?! Well… don’t get your hopes up. These moves seem to only play a special role in PvP. It is also worth mentioning that both moves are Charge Moves. Nonetheless, here’s a New Moves Analysis to look at how these moves compare to the others of the same typing that are already available in-game.


  • Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado are terrible in PvE (gym / raid) scenarios. Both have very low DPS and are considered the worst PvE charge moves in their respectable typings
  • Acid Spray is rather disappointing in PvP, but has a niche for softening high DEF opponents
  • Leaf Tornado is an interesting option as a second charge move, as it gives you a 50% chance to reduce your opponents ATK stat

Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado in Gym and Raid Battles

Acid Spray Vs. Other Poison-type Moves
Move Power Energy Cool Down DPS
Acid Spray 20 50 3.0 6.67
Cross Poison 40 33 1.5 26.67
Gunk Shot 130 100 3.1 41.94
Poison Fang 35 33 1.7 20.59
Sludge 50 33 2.1 23.81
Sludge Bomb 80 50 2.3 34.78
Sludge Wave 110 100 3.2 34.38

By NO means should you use Acid Spray as a move to take down a gym or raid boss. It is literally worthless. Although, it seems Niantic added this move to complement PvP battles. Which isn’t a bad thing. At least they are showing PvP some love and it proves they care to improve the overall meta.

It is also worth noting that poison moves, at least at the moment, aren’t desired in raid battles. Until we get more grass and Fairy-type Pokémon introduced into raids, then we will see more of a poison raid meta. But for now, poison moves aren’t that useful. The only Pokémon that have this move available to learn are Arbok, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Muk, Alolan Muk, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Octillery, and Swalot.

Leaf Tornado Vs. Other Grass-type Moves
Move Power Energy Cool Down DPS
Leaf Tornado 45 33 3.1 14.52
Energy Ball 90 50 3.9 23.08
Frenzy Plant 100 50 2.6 38.46
Grass Knot 90 50 2.6 34.62
Leaf Blade 70 33 2.4 29.17
Petal Blizzard 110 100 2.6 42.31
Power Whip 90 50 2.6 34.62
Seed Bomb 55 33 2.1 26.19
Solar Beam 180 100 4.9 36.73

As you can already see, Leaf Tornado has no place in gyms or raids. Even Seed Bomb outperforms it having similar energy costs. If the cooldown was a lot faster, say 1.5, then there could be a use for it. Regardless, Solar Beam and Frenzy Plant will still be kings of the gym and raid grass-type meta for now.

We have to remember that only Shiftry and Victreebel can learn Leaf Tornado. They both have decent attack stats, but overall there are plenty of other Grass-types that outrank them in terms of TDO in raids. Even IF Leaf Tornado was a great move, Shifty and Victreebel would more than likely still sit on the sidelines to the likes of Roserade, Venusaur, Tangrowth, Sceptile and when it is released, Leafeon.

Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado in PvP

Acid Spray Vs. Other Poison-type Moves
Move Power Energy DPE Stat Effects
Acid Spray 20 50 0.40 Decrease DEF by 2 stages (33%), 100% activation chance
Cross Poison 40 35 1.14 N/A
Gunk Shot 130 75 1.73 N/A
Poison Fang 40 35 1.14 N/A
Sludge 50 40 1.25 N/A
Sludge Bomb 80 50 1.60 N/A
Sludge Wave 110 65 1.69 N/A

The one and only sole purpose Acid Spray seems to have is to allow your fast moves to deal more damage. Dropping your opponents DEF by 33% yields a great advantage of dealing more TDO overall. However, trying to build up 50 energy before your opponent can get off a charge move first is often unlikely.

It also doesn’t help that Acid Spray does a measly 20 damage. The risk does not outweigh the reward. An easy fix would be to reduce the energy down to 45 (perhaps even 40). For now, there are just too many moves that cost less energy to activate, which means more shields burned, which in turn means more damage dealt in the long run. If you can make any tactical use of lowering the opponent’s DEF by 33% for 50 energy, go for it, but we don’t see when this would be a better choice than say Poison Fang or Sludge Bomb.

Conclusion: we’re definitely not excited for Acid Spray.

Leaf Tornado Vs. Other Grass-type Moves
Move Power Energy DPE Stat Effects
Leaf Tornado 45 40 1.125 Decrease ATK by 1 stage (20%), 50% activation chance
Energy Ball 90 60 1.50 N/A
Frenzy Plant 100 45 2.22 N/A
Grass Knot 90 50 1.80 N/A
Leaf Blade 70 35 2.00 N/A
Petal Blizzard 110 65 1.69 N/A
Power Whip 90 50 1.80 N/A
Seed Bomb 55 40 1.38 N/A
Solar Beam 150 80 1.88 N/A

Leaf Tornado is the weakest grass charge move in the PvP scene, but it has the added effect of decreasing your opponent’s ATK by 20% (1 stage) per activation. Given that only Shiftry and Victreebel can learn it, this makes for an interesting shift in the meta.

Leaf Tornado seems to be intended as a second charge move. Coupling it with Leaf Blade will result in a surprisingly sturdy combo, especially if you’re lucky to get an activation early on. Remember, debuffs still go through shields, so even if your opponent shields, it will still get the ATK reduction.

In conclusion, Leaf Tornado is an excellent addition to the PvP scene for an extra layer of strategy on two different Pokémon that we haven’t seen in the meta before until now!