Pokémon GO Datamine

Hello Trainers! Version 0.201.0 of Pokémon GO is rolling out now through the app stores. Woo, we’ve broken past version 200! This update includes the ability to mass transfer legendaries, hints at new Pokémon coming soon to a Pokébox near you, and more!

Official Release Notes

You can read the official release notes here and below:


  • Trainers are now able to transfer Legendary and Mythical Pokémon when selecting multiple Pokémon by enabling the functionality in the game settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which the Hero and Purifier badges showed as locked in the Team GO Rocket post-battle summary screen.
  • Mitigated an issue in which the Pokéball thrown may freeze mid-air after being thrown.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Pokémon inventory search input to be cleared after accessing a Pokédex entry through the Pokémon’s detail menu.
  • After scanning a PokéStop for an AR scanning Field Research task, Trainers are now returned to the Field Research page instead of the scan page.
  • Fixed an issue in which the previously used Battle Party would not be loaded in Team GO Rocket battles immediately after app start.

Mass Transfer Legendaries

It’s finally here! The ability to turn on the mass transfer of legendaries is live, I’ve tested it and it works. This is huge Quality of Life update and will make those 2x candy transferring events even easier!


Settings toggle

The Option to turn the feature on is in the settings, right above Push Notifications.

Before transfer warning

It also warns you of the potential dangers of allowing mass transfers of legendaries, and that they can’t be undone and all that.

New Pokémon

Galarian Corsola & Cursola

It looks like we’re going to get the Galarian variant of Corsola and its evolution Cursola. Galarian Corsola evolves in Sword and Shield at level 38, so it’s likely it will just be a straight candy evolution.


Galarian Corsola Cursola
Ghost Ghost

Galarian Slowking

Galarian Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking might be making an appearance as well. Look at that majestic beast!

In Sword and Shield, Galarian Slowpoke evolves into Galarian Slowbro when exposed to a Galarian Cuff and then Galarian Slowbro evolves into Galarian Slowking when exposed to a Galarian Wreath.


Galarian Slowpoke Galarian Slowbro Galarian Slowking
Psychic PoisonPsychic PoisonPsychic

New Evolution Requirement


I’m putting this here because this likely means we’re getting yet another two new Pokémon coming to Pokémon Go.

Inkay Malamar
DarkPsychic DarkPsychic

In the main series games, Inkay had an interesting evolution requirement. You needed to level up Inkay after level 30 while your game system was being held upside-down. The code above hints that this mechanic is coming to Pokémon Go, and suggests that Inkay might be on its way as well.

Egg Rarity



This looks like we’ll be able to see what’s potentially inside an egg, as well as the rarety of the available Pokémon. Apparently, we won’t get percentages but instead will get rarity icons instead. Which isn’t surprising. There’s also a toggle in the Game Master file, so the miners will be able to tell when it goes live.

Ring Material?


This might suggest we’ll get new catch rings? Or maybe something to give our Pokémon we really like?

That’s all for this one Trainers, stay safe out there!


Please be aware data miners have publicly reported everything in this article (PokéMiners). Information shared through these channels is not affiliated nor approved by Niantic, and is always subject to change. Do not take it for granted, features change and get scrapped all the time. It is very important that you are aware that these things CAN and WILL CHANGE.

Additionally, this article contains my thoughts and opinions in regards to the code that was shared online – all of these should be treated as conjecture, not as hard statements. If you’re OK with that, feel free to read further. Potential spoilers ahead.