Yesterday we ran a poll on Twitter, asking our readers a question that was on our mind for a while: Will you continue playing Pokemon GO if the gym update turns out to be a disappointment?

The response rate was immense, with more than 6000 Trainers participating in the poll in the past 24 hours. To be completely honest, the results are quite surprising.

Results breakdown

In spite the common belief that “Pokémon GO will die if they don’t fix the Gyms” it seems that majority of players simply doesn’t care about Gyms at all!

61% of poll respondents said that they will continue to play Pokémon GO even if the gym update disappoints and an additional 25% answered that they’ll consider it. Only 14% of voters said that they will not continue to play the game if the update flops.

This notion of not caring about Gyms is strongly emphasised in the comments of the Tweet, with the most upvoted response saying the following:

And it’s not just that response. The majority of responses are saying the same thing – people do not care for Gym changes, as they don’t really use the current system.

With that in mind, it’s time to state the obvious: no matter what they do, Niantic won’t hurt the game with the upcoming gym rework. If it turns out to be a complete disappointment, only the minority of the player base will be dissatisfied. However, if it turns out to be great, they have the potential to re-engage more than 60% of their current player base!