A new ban wave has gone out: bot accounts are primary targets


Trainers, we can confirm that a new round of bans has gone out, closely following the release of the recent 0.107.1 Android update and targeting players who have violated the in-game Terms of Service. We apologize for taking an hour or so to report this, but we took our time to scour the interwebs and shady Discord servers in order to gain a better understanding of what’s going on.

Here’s what we know – and please, be aware that some of the info we’re sharing here was collected from really weird places:

  • The majority of banned accounts are bot accounts created by and used by maps, leveling services and similar software that was powered by such accounts
  • Bans have occurred and been confirmed on both platforms: iOS and Android
  • There are sporadic reports of spoofers being banned, but nothing conclusive at the moment of writing this post

Judging by the info we’ve collected, and by second hand reports, the primary targets of this ban wave were bots, and not spoofers. Take that as you wish, but to our knowledge, there has been only one ban wave that targeted spoofers directly in the recent Pokemon GO history, so we’re not really surprised by this.

Hopefully this post answers the growing number of questions we’re getting on Twitter and via email.

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