Adventure Sync Level 4 Weekly Goal Revealed to be 100 KM

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync
Pokemon GO Adventure Sync

Trainers, attention! Various Pokemon GO data miners have discovered that the Weekly Level 4 Adventure Sync Goal has been added to the Game Master file. The Level 4 Weekly goal is currently set to 100 KM in the Game Master.

As with all data mined information, please be very careful about your hype and expectations, especially with this one. Game Master contains the current configuration and settings for the game, and should not be 100% trusted before the feature is actually released. These values can change at a moment’s notice with no warning.

Here’s the data mined snippet in question:

weekly_fitness_goal_level4_distance_km: 100.0

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the Level 4 Adventure Sync goals and rewards, we suggest you read our Pokémon GO 0.159.0 APK Brings Galarian Forms, Rocket Map, Giovanni, New Moves and Equipable Items. Earlier today, it was revealed that the 0.159.0 update contains code that references a new Adventure Sync goal and, presumably, rewards:


The addition to Game Master solidifies the theory that this is a planned upcoming feature. Niantic has now all the tools in place to flip the switch.

Update: According to Reversal, the rewards for achieving 100 KM Weekly are 16000 Stardust. Could be more depending on your actual distance.