Alolan Forms are coming to Pokemon GO!


Trainers, we have just seen an official announcement from Niantic that Alolan forms of Kanto Pokemon will be released into Pokemon Go int he coming weeks!

The news was just announced here and the official text is below:


Sunny days are ahead! Whether your forecast calls for rain or shine, we’re celebrating all around the world by introducing some special Pokémon from the tropical Alola region to Pokémon GO. Get ready for some of the Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region to appear in their Alolan forms! These unique variants were first seen in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games, and they will make their way to Pokémon GO in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for news related to this exciting change—and don’t forget to tell your friends! Stay safe, and happy exploring!

—The Pokémon GO team


New Forms Image

Pokémon GO Alola Forms
Pokémon GO Alola Forms

New Pokemon Forms?!

Yes! This means the following Pokemon which have Alolan forms will work their way into Go these coming weeks:

  • Rattata – Now Dark & Normal
  • Raticate – Now Dark & Normal
  • Raichu – Now Electric & Psychic
  • Sandshrew – Now Ice & Steel
  • Sandslash – Now Ice & Steel
  • Vulpix – Now Ice
  • Ninetales – Now Ice & Fairy
  • Diglett – Now Ground & Steel
  • Dugtrio – Now Ground & Steel
  • Meowth – Now Dark
  • Persian – Now Dark
  • Geodude – Now Rock & Electric
  • Graveler – Now Rock & Electric
  • Golem – Now Rock & Electric
  • Grimer – Now Poison & Dark
  • Muk – Now Poison & Dark
  • Exeggutor – Now Grass & Dragon
  • Marowak – Now Fire & Ghost

New Shiny Forms?!

Each of the new Pokemons forms have a different Shiny version to their original. This also means that Raichu will have his Shiny form available as soon as they drop except we dont know exactly how you can transfer your normal Pikachu to a cutesy Alolan Raichu. We will update this article once we know.

Parting Thoughts?

This will shake hings up by quite a bit adding new and unusual typing’s to some of the older more tired Pokemon. Everyone here at GoHub HQ was expecting an announcement for Adventure Week. Niantic certainly are full of surprises!

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