Beginner Box Appears For Some Players, $0.99 For 4 Premium Passes & More

Box Sale
Box Sale

A new Beginner Box has appeared in the Pokemon GO in-game store. Beginner Box is available both on Android and iOS, but its visibility is limited to accounts created after a particular date.

According to player reports, there are two variations on the Beginner Box (one of them is apparently called New Trainer Box):

Variant #1 Variant #2
  • 4 Premium Raid Pass
  • 4 Super Incubator
  • 30 Poke Ball
  • 3 Lucky Egg
  • 1 Premium Raid Pass
  • 1 Super Incubator
  • 30 Poke Ball
  • 1 Lucky Egg

Costs $0.99 / £0.99 and about the same in other currencies. We don’t know how old your account has to be in order to see the 4 Premium Passes box, but one of our readers, Greig (aka Jobbyplop) shared the following:

“Hi, I read you article there on the new trainer boxes. I thought you’d be interested on dates that players started playing that are getting these boxes. I got the variant #1 box with the 4 premiums & 4 supers & I started playing on the 21st July 2016 which wasn’t all that long after the game was released. I also haven’t put the game down since then & have played continuously since (a reasonably hardcore player). Just thought this info would be of interest to you, here’s a screenshot of my start date as well. Appreciate all the hard work you guys do!”

Beginner Box, by NeilPats
Beginner Box, image by NeilPats

This is the first time we’re seeing boxes sold for actual money, rather then PokeCoins. The stark difference between box content baffles us, but the better variant is arguably the best deal in Pokemon GO, ever. Variant #2 is also a good deal, but it pales in comparison to Variant #1.

Niantic seems to be exploring new monetization venues by targeting new players and offering an incredible deal. Even if you are a brand new player, you probably do understand the value of getting 41 items for $0.99. Sale campaigns targeting new players are nothing new in mobile gaming, but it is a first for Pokemon GO.

Curiously, paying with cash directly seems to be a new trend in Pokemon GO monetization. This is the second time we’re seeing direct money purchases in less than a month, with the first one being the ticket for A Colossal Discovery.

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