Impressions from Berlin Raid Battles Tour 2022

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Last Saturday, several content influencers grouped together to host a massive Raid Battles Tour across two key locations in Berlin: Britzer Garden and Spandau. GO Hub was also invited to participate, but unfortunately Zeroghan (myself) got stuck in Vienna due to a massive airlines strike.

Since we weren’t able to participate, I’ve asked fellow content creators to share their impressions, feedback, and feelings about the event. I am sad that I was stuck, but Dieno Community Day in Vienna wasn’t half bad either!

Sponsorship disclaimer – GO Hub’s participation in this event is sponsored by Niantic.

Official photos from the event

Niantic has sponsored the event, and our participation in the event, and we are happy to share a handful of the official images that were taken at the event. Be aware that all of the photos were taken at Spandau, not at Britzer Garden. 

Commentary from Content Creators on the ground

Billy – The Trainer Club

The Berlin raid battle tours were the first Raid tours coordinated by Pokémon go. After participating in the official community day meet up locations in Berlin, Germany, groups of trainers gathered to walk throughout the city to participate in a super dense gym route.

The tour was a lot of fun doing Mewtwo raids and Zweilous to extend Deino community day and successfully get more shiny Deino for all of the trainers on the tour. I think that this first tour is just the start of what is to come with Raid tours in Pokémon go and I’m super excited to host more tours, all around the globe


So for us at Britzer Garten none of the Zweilous raids were ready or hatching at 2pm, so we improvised and started chasing down Mewtwo raids. The group had a great time casually walking from raid to raid. Our group actually gained size as we collected other solo players along the route. One young boy got his first shiny Mewtwo, and a few others added to their collections. Once the Zweilous raids hatched we sprinkled in a few of those raids too for the extra Deino spawns.

Total group size fluctuated between 15-30, the mood was very relaxed, casual and fun. Not a hardcore grind/sprint for us at all. I think if the raid egg hatch timers can be perfected for future Raid Tours these will easily become incredibly fun additions to Community Days going forward.

Toretto Master

I had the opportunity to meet some of content creators for the first time and had a blast with them. We did a kind of competition (points for shinies, hundos were assigned and added to the total group count at the end of the CDay) and we divided us into two groups, my group was defeated but that doesn’t matter as we had a lot of fun. The park is enormous and marvellous and I still would get lost in spite of spending 8 hours or so on that day. Fantastic experience overall and there is more to come with the Go Fest at the same park.

Couple of Gaming &

We started our Community Day at Britzer Garten, meeting up with Zoë, Let’sGOTry, Toretto Master, ThoTectical & other Pokémon GO Players.

Like every Community Day we did our Team Yaaya VS Team Ayzo competition, but this time, for the first time ever, we had an IRL group participation where we let creators & players join either Team and compete for who get’s the most shinies by the end of the day.
This continued even after Community Day ended and we tried to rank up more shinies for each Team during the Raid Tour, defeating Zweilous Raids for more Deino spawns & Mewtwo Raids in hopes of shiny Mewtwo.

Overall it was an amazing day and we definitely appreciate everyone joining the fun, GG to Team Ayzo for taking the Victory there … but a rematch shall take place during GO Fest Berlin!


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