Buddy Adventure Live For Level 2+ Pokémon GO Players

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Attention Trainers! Buddy Adventure feature (click for guide) is now live for level 2+ players around the world! You can play with your Buddy, increase your friendship level and start progressing towards Best Buddy level. Here’s what we’ve gathered from the in-game tips and panels:

  • You’ll earn a heart for each 2 km you walk with your buddy up to 3 times per day. Counts only while your Buddy is following you on the map.
  • Feeding your buddy will give 1 heart. Seems like once per day.
  • Playing with your buddy will increase its happiness and earn you a heart.
  • Great Buddy will assist you with catches and will find presents.
  • Ultra Buddy can interact with new PokéStops and gather Souvenirs
  • CP Boost is available for Best Buddy Pokémon.

According to data miners, CP boost multipliers have been found in the Game Master, but be aware that this should be treated as speculation at this point. Niantic hasn’t confirmed this information, and these things tend to change a lot!

According to the new multipliers, there are five new CP multipliers in the code, targeting Levels 41 through 45, and they are not as effective as the ones leading up to Level 40:

Buddy Pokemon CP Boost multipliers
New CP multipliers, credits to this reddit post

Here are a few screenshots to keep you occupied while you wait for the feature:

We’ll keep you posted as the feature continues rolling out. Stay tuned!

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