Darkrai marked as Transferable, hints at being introduced as a Raid Boss

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Trainers, this is a highly speculative post, but we think it’s important to keep you in the loop regardless. Darkrai was marked as transferable inside the hidden Game Master file that is downloaded on app startup. Game Master contains a complete set of information on each Pokémon, including whether or not it is transferable.

template_id: "V0491_POKEMON_DARKRAI"
    is_transferable: true

Why is this change notable for Darkrai in particular? There are several reasons to get excited about it:

  • If this change remains permanent, Darkrai will not be a Special Research reward, but rather a T5 / EX Raid Boss. Mythical Pokemon that were available as Special Research rewards were not transferable in the past (Mew, Jirachi)
  • Being able to get more than 1 Darkrai is a great thing, as it’s expected to become the best / one of the best Dark types in Pokémon GO
  • If Darkrai is not going to be a Special Research reward, it means it could easily be released during the Halloween 2019 event. This is obviously speculation, but we’re not the only ones thinking this. Here’s a quite from hiero, a reddit user:

This basically confirms Darkrai is coming shortly. The question is whether or not it will be the EX raids starting November 12th or if it will be what follows Giratina-A. My hunch is that Giratina raids will end on October 17th and Darkrai will replace it alongside the start of the Halloween 2019 event.

I, for one, would be stoke about this! Darkrai is a fan favorite, and I wanted to have one ever since its scary visage first appeared in the Pokémon universe. Darkrai’s moves are also a wild ride, which makes him very interesting addition to both Dark and Ghost typed attackers:

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Snarl Dark
  • Feint Attack Dark
  • Focus Blast Fighting
  • Shadow Ball Ghost
  • Dark Pulse Dark

A Dark type with Focus Blast? Sign me up, this one’s gonna be wild. In any case, we’ll keep you updated if the situation advances (or this change gets reverted).

Fun fact: there was a recent Umbreon & Darkrai Spotlight on Pokemon TV where you can “Watch classic adventures featuring the Dark-type Pokémon Umbreon and Darkrai on Pokémon TV!”. You can also watch Rise of Darkrai there for free.

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