Darkrai Raid Hour: Last Chance To Get Darkrai (Almost)

Pokemon GO Darkrai
Pokemon GO Darkrai

Trainers, the last Darkrai Raid Hour takes place today, October 30, from 6 PM to 7 PM local time. From 6 PM to 7 PM there will be an increased number of Raids featuring Darkrai. Darkrai leaves Pokemon GO raids after November 1 (1 p.m. PDT), making this one of the last chances to get it. Confirmation from New Zealand has already arrived on reddit, so there’s no missing out on this one.

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Darkrai is one of the best Dark types in Pokemon GO to date (check Darkrai in the Meta Game article by Kratos) and we expect an excellent turnout for this Raid Hour. Combine that with the fact that you can get 12 Candy per catch (Silver / Regular Pinap) and you got yourself one lucrative raid hour.

Darkrai is quite difficult to defeat and to catch. Be sure to have a 6-7 players strong group if you are not using optimized counters. We had big problems with 5 mixed level players and non-optimal counters. In order not to waste time, prepare your team ahead.

Darkrai counters infographic

Darkrai counters in Pokemon GO
Darkrai counters in Pokemon GO
Darkrai counters
# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move
1. Pokemon GO MachampMachamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
2. Pokemon GO TogekissTogekiss Charm Fairy Dazzling Gleam  Fairy
3. Pokemon GO HariyamaHariyama Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
4. Pokemon GO ToxicroakToxicroak Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
5. Pokemon GO HeracrossHeracross Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting
6. Pokemon GO BreloomBreloom Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
7. Pokemon GO BlazikenBlaziken Counter  Fighting Focus Blast  Fighting
8. Pokemon GO GranbullGranbull Charm Fairy Play Rough Fairy
9. Pokemon GO GardevoirGardevoir Charm Fairy Dazzling Gleam Fairy
10. Pokemon GO EmboarEmboar Low Kick  Fighting Focus Blast  Fighting
11. Pokemon GO YanmegaYanmega Bug Bite Bug Bug Buzz Bug
12. Pokemon GO PinsirPinsir Bug Bite  Bug X Scissor Bug
13. Pokemon GO LucarioLucario Counter  Fighting Close Combat  Fighting
14. Pokemon GO ScizorScizor Fury Cutter Bug X Scissor  Bug

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