Data Mining Pokémon GO v0.67.1: Raids, New Gyms and Legendary Battles

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The GO Hub data mining of 0.67.1 is complete. As we’ve already announced on Twitter, this is a relaxed data mine, as almost everything that’s inside the APK has already been announced by Niantic.

However, this APK features a huge number of new images, sprites and other visual assets, so make sure to check out our 0.67.1 image dump here.

Table of contents:

  • New Gym support
    • New gym Badges support has been added: Vanilla, Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Legendary Raid Battles support
  • Full raid support added
    • Team raid lobby support
    • Real time notifications
    • Raid level and scaling handlers
    • Raid Tickets handling has been added
  • Move reroll, rare candy support support
  • Various miscellanous improvements
  • Better in-app purchase handling
  • Performance optimisations and rewrites
  • Mystery: a DittoPlugin has been added

New Gym Support

As expected, the new gym system has been fully implemented and supported inside the 0.67.1 APK. Everything, from the new gym badges up to the new camera movements has been included.

New Badges Support

We’re also able to confirm that the new badges have been fully implemented. There are now four level of badges: Vanilla (initial), Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Legendary Battles support

As if this update wasn’t exciting enough, Niantic has silently added a number of image assets and supporting code for the upcoming Legendary Pokémon events. You will need a Legendary Raid Ticket to participate (image is not in this APK), and there’s an associated badge.


There are also a number of visual assets to support this:

  • A Lugia Badge in gold, silver and bronze variants
  • Legendary Egg Sprite, icon and texture

Raids have been fully implemented

Nothing much to share here. Raids have been completely implemented, top to bottom, covering everything that Niantic has shared so far.


Move rerolls (Technical Machines) are fully supported

As announced, Niantic has also implemented support for the new Fast and Charged TM, adding a few new item categories.


The data mine will be update later tonight with the remaining info, this is the most important bit for now. Come back later Trainer. 


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