Exclusive Raid Invitations
Exclusive Raid Invitations

Players are reporting receiving first Exclusive Raid Invites (or EX Raids as Niantic is calling them these days), with the first EX Raid scheduled to start on 7th of September and lasting 2 hours!

The first reported EX Raid invites were handed out to Trainers roughly four hours ago, all leading players to a Pokestop called “Water, Precious Water” in Bellevue, Washington.

This is how the Exclusive Raid invitations look in game (click for larger version, image credits go to broseph23):


Bellevue, Washington is the location where the world first Moltres raid was spotted, indicating that this is the initial “alpha test” and that more Trainers worldwide can expect their EX Raid passes soon. Last time it took around 8-12 hours (depending on your region) for Moltres raids to roll out worldwide, but it could be slightly different.

Update: raid testing has started in Japan as well!


More information on the invites

A player named brospeh23 provided the following information on reddit:

  • Yesterday was the last (and first) time I had done a raid that that location. I cannot remember what it was, I did three raids in Bellevue yesterday so I can’t remember which was which. I had done raids since then. I am pretty sure whatever it was I did catch.
  • For those in other time zones, this notice came just over 48 hours in advance.
  • The pass popped up during normal game play. You can see it again when clicking on the pass in the items bag. It also shows up in your journal.
  • The last raid is did before this invite was about 10-15 min prior. Raikou raid and it was caught.
  • I have won 40 raids. I don’t know how many are legendary. Maybe 20?

Exclusive Raid Invites feature the following information:

  • PokeStop name and directions
  • Date and time of the Raid
  • An icon of the Exclusive Raid pass

We’ll be monitoring the situation and reporting more soon.