FastPokeMap going live on Sunday, the new API is cracked

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Breaking news everyone, Reverse Engineers behind FastPokeMap just announced on Twitter that the map is going live in two days max! FastPokeMap will live again

“good news, one of the helper cracked it fully, bad news; he went to sleep. What does it mean? FPM will come back within 2 days max.”@FastPokeMapCom

Twitter is down at the moment, it’s under DDOS attack on their DNS servers, so it will take you a while to load the links and search through the broken page layout.

This is great news, as community salt levels are over the top, with hundreds and hundreds of reddit threads popping up daily and commenting on the tracking issues.

Also, this means all of the tracking apps are coming back online, as the FPM API will be made public by the author!

Update: The FastPokeMap developers have just successfully obtained a response from the Niantic servers. Pictured below, good job boys!


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