FastPokeMap shuts down. For good. :(

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Niantic has been on a roll recently. New spawn mechanics, new nest migration, new tracker rollout, new daily quest features. But in the midst of the update and news frenzy, their latest API change has also rolled over one sad developer heart.

The lead FastPokeMap (FPM) developer announced on reddit that FPM is shut down for good:

“I don’t know what to say except that a work of 3 months just disappeared and that i’m too disheartened to even say anything. I cried a bit earlier (nah not for the money loss haters but for losing something i worked so hard on, something i needed to keep myself sane). Thanks everyone for all the support we’ve had since the 1st August.

Thanks haters for entertaining me enough and making me more motivated to prove you wrong and pushing me to make FPM better than ever. Sadly Niantic has other plans for this game and they’re starting to rollout their pokemon-near-pokestop tracker worldwide.

It’s been a blast, here is my parting gift:

Make FPM proud and make the best open source projects and maps.”

As you can see, FPM is gone. It’s gone for good. With the new tracker being rolled out in new cities/states, with the API changes, with everything that has been going on in the community. It’s done.

Here’s our personal note for whitelist_ip, the lead developer behind FPM:

Thanks for everything you did. No, seriously, thank you mate. We’ve played the game all this time and gathered strength to update our website solely because of you. If it wasn’t for FPM we would not be playing. The game is a complete lackluster experience without you. You will be missed. Take care. Don’t die from depression or sadness. We love you. There are a lot of people who love you. Stay safe.

And P.S. – you walked away like a true gentleman. 

Pokemon GO Hub editor

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