Global Catch Challenge guide: how and when bonuses are activated and how long they last

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The Global Catch challenge has officially started. This post serves as a guide and as clarification for a lot of questions that weren’t answered by Niantic’s original post. All of the info listed here is verified and confirmed by Niantic support.

Bonuses are activated as soon as unlocked

The Global Challenge bonuses become active as soon as unlocked. This was confirmed by NianticIndigo, an official Niantic support representative on reddit:

  • Rewards are unlocked shortly after reaching each milestone and will last until December 1, 2017 (Farfetch’d globally and Kangaskhan in East Asia will appear for 48 hours upon achieving the 3 billion Pokémon caught milestone).

The same clarification was made on Facebook:

Event bonuses last until December 1, 2017

As answered by NianticIndigo above, event bonuses last from the moment they’re activated until December 1, 2017. That means that the first tier of rewards (2x XP, 6 hr lure modules, more Pokemon encounters) will last for a long time, probably starting as soon as November 20 (today)!

Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan will be released as soon as unlocked

Following the same pattern as mentioned above, both Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan will become available as soon as unlocked. This means you should stay on the lookout for news about the event and be ready to hunt down Farfetch’d when / if the opportunity arises.

It seems that it could go down fast, depending on how fast the increased spawn rate will be unlocked.

You need to catch around 25-30 Pokémon to unlock the regionals

Given the 3 B catches requirement, the following is true: 3,000,000,000 / 7 = 428,571,529 catches per day is needed to unlock Farfetch’d. Although that number sounds incredibly high, the recent estimates suggest there is anywhere between 20 – 30 million daily active Pokémon GO users (mixed data, closest we have is from Business of Apps).

With that number, we can assume that every Pokémon Trainer out there needs to catch at least 15, and recommended 22+ Pokémon every day. Of course, this will get easier as soon as the Bronze rewards tier is unlocked, bringing more worldwide spawns.

Is this event the news we’ve been waiting for?

No 🙂 But more about that in the days to come. A note from NianticIndigo about upcoming feature changes:

We still have more information to share about upcoming feature changes, but it may be a few more days. Stay tuned. ~source

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