GO Hub is building a Community Driven PokéDex ⚗️- join now!

Since the day we’ve built and released our GO Database website (db.pokemongohub.net), I couldn’t stop thinking that it’s missing something, something social and community driven, something that’s not raw numbers and facts and charts. Sure, all of those are useful and serious, but they hide the fact that real human beings are using it, that there are Trainers who’s opinions and advice can be more useful than any DPS simulation I can think of.

Therefor, we’re starting a new project today: Community driven PokéDex! Here’s how it works:

  • Open this Google Form (Describe a Pokemon ⚗️) and…
  • Submit your thoughts, opinions and commentary on various aspects of a Pokemon you are familiar with. It can be long, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as funny and as serious as you want it to be.
  • After there’s a respectable number of submissions, we’ll go through them, filter out the ones which are obvious trolls and spam (that’s always a thing in online surveys) and import them to the Database. We’ll display the new information directly on the Pokemon screen, with your Trainer name and level if you chose to share it.
  • All of the Trainers whose descriptions end up in the Database will be featured in the new Contributors section of the Database, together with the number of contributions they’ve made.
  • The general idea behind this is to have something similar to Smogon’s Dex entries, but for Pokemon GO.

The idea is to provide a “personal” touch to each Pokemon’s page, mainly because there is a growing number of players who find it difficult to understand various move set roles and usages. There are kids and older folks using the database, but more importantly, we know that there is a lot of disabled players who use it. These efforts help all of them find the information faster and more accurate.

If you’re interested, give us a hand and hop in! We look forward to building this together and sharing it with the world! Here’s the link to the form once again:

Describe a Pokemon ⚗️

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