GO Hub is hosting a Charmander Catch Challenge in LATAM!

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Trainers! Do you remember last week we told you about a secret project we were working on? Well, it’s time to unveil the truth! We are holding a Charmander Catch Challenge on the occasion of celebrating an addition to the Pokémon Go Hub family: Pokémon Go Hub LATAM! 

There are more than 40 Latin American communities collaborating with us, and also 19 well known YouTubers.

We want to show Latin America to the world, how many Pokémon Trainers there are, how passionate they are about the game and how they can work together along the most important content creators of the world!

You can officially participate if you are in one of the following countries, but we invite everyone to participate (how to participate is below):

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haití, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, República Dominicana, Uruguay and Venezuela.

How to participate?

Post on Twitter or Instagram a screenshot of your Charmander Pokédex entry 1 hour before the start of the event, and up to 1 hour after it finishes (it must be on public mode or we won’t be able to see it). It MUST contain these 2 hashtags, otherwise we can’t find your entry.

The first one is #HolaNiantic, the second one depends on the country you are in:

  • Argentina: #GoHubArgentina
  • Bolivia: #GoHubBolivia
  • Brazil: #GoHubBrasil
  • Chile: #GoHubChile
  • Colombia: #GoHubColombia
  • Costa Rica: #GoHubCostaRica
  • Cuba: #GoHubCuba
  • Ecuador: #GoHubEcuador
  • El Salvador #GoHubElSalvador
  • Guatemala: #GoHubGuatemala
  • Haití: #GoHubHaiti
  • Honduras: #GoHubHonduras
  • México: #GoHubMexico
  • Nicaragua: #GoHubNicaragua
  • Panamá: #GoHubPanama
  • Paraguay: #GoHubParaguay
  • Perú: #GoHubPeru
  • República Dominicana: #GoHubRepDominicana
  • Uruguay: #GoHubUruguay
  • Venezuela: #GoHubVenezuela

Once the time limit finishes, the leaders of the 42 communities will count the amount of caught Charmander to determine the winners. There are 3 categories:

  1. Individual Trainer: the one that captured the most Charmander in general for all LATAM.
  2. Country: the one with the most captured Charmander adding the number of catches of the top 5 players️.
  3. YouTuber: the content creator that gets the most Charmander out of the participating 19.


The winning individual trainer will get a Pokémon Go Plus and a Go Hub T-shirt. The 5 trainers who captured the most for the winning country will get a Go Hub T-shirt each.


  • The participant trainers have to play within the Pokémon Go Terms of Service.
  • The trainers that try to change their capture numbers on some way will be disqualified.
  • Pokémon Go Hub will get on touch with the preliminary winners to ask for video evidence to verify the legitimacy of the screenshot (avatar, Pokedex entries, Pokemon bag, and everything that we consider necessary).
  • The posted screenshots without the 2 hashtags won’t be take in account.
  • If there’s a tie, the winner will be the trainer with the most shiny Charmander captured. If there’s a tie again, the winner will be the one with the bigger shiny Charmander captured.
  • The results can take up to 7 days to be obtained.

YouTuber that participate and support this Challenge:

Mystic7 (USA), ProdigiesNation (USA), Reversal (Holanda), Keibron Gamer (España), David Petit (España), Paranoias Gamers (España), Lio Games (España), SoninGames (España), Midesades 5665 (España), Orni Games (España), Swagron333 (Chile), Diego (Argentina), MadPili (Argentina), TigerGames (Brasil), Mestre Pokémon Go (Brasil), Ch3vi Tv (México), 8Bit CR (Costa Rica), Josedu Games (Perú) and PeterDPerú (Perú).

Communities that participate and support this Challenge:

Nidos Pokémon Go Argentina, Pokémon Go – Bahía Blanca, Punta Alta y Alrededores, Poke Go Oeste, Escuadrón Squirtle – Bolivia, PokéPoa – Pokémon Go em Porto Alegre, Alto Mando PGO L.A. Chile, PokeGO Chile, Pokémon Go Llay-Llay, Pokémon Go Colombia, HUNTERS, Pokémon Go Costa Rica, Pokémon Go Manabí, Pokémon Go Community SV, Pokémon Go Guatemala, Pokémon Go CDMX Equipo Sabiduría, Legión Pokémon CDMX, Pokémon GO Monterrey, Pokémon Go Trainers Monterrey, Pokéviajeros MX, Entrenadores Pokémon Go México, Pokémon Go México: Liga de Campeones, Team Bondojito, Escuadrón Squirtle MX, Pokémon Go Equipo Yucatán, Pokémon Go CDMX Oficial, PokéBotAlert, GO QRO, Pokefighter, Pokémon Go GDL, Pokémon Go Nicaragua, Pokémon Go Raids Panamá, Pokémon Go Paraguay, PokemonGo Paraguay, Pokémon Go Perú Comunidad Oficial, PoGo Perú, Pokémon Go Perú, Team Valor Cusco Oficial, Pokémon Go RD, Pokémon Go Uruguay, Pokemaníacos, Pokémon Go Margarita and PokeGo_Vzla.

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