Golden Nanab and Golden Pinap Berry discovered in the code base

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it seems that we forgot to include a very important discovery in our 0.67.1 data mine reports. We’ve discovered two new Golden Berries in the code base, they have no visual assets attached and at the moment they seem to be only placeholder entries.

Be aware that Niantic can’t release these Berries without a new game update, as the APK doesn’t include icons for these berries.

Here we go:

  • Golden Nanab Berry
    • Name in the code: ITEM_GOLDEN_NANAB_BERRY
    • Id: 707
  • Golden Pinap Berry
    • Name in the code: ITEM_GOLDEN_PINAP_BERRY
    • Id: 708

From the code dump:


We apologise for this, but at the time, we were under a lot of stress to get the Gym and Raid coverage out there, as you have probably seen. Mistakes happen, even though we have automated our data mining process, human error is still possible.

Discussion about the implications of this discovery

The implications of these berries are quite profound actually, as a Golden Pinap Berry will probably be a meta changing addition.

Currently, the Pinap Berry doubles Candy gained during an encounter, but a Golden variant could quadruple it.

Here’s a quick chart showing how Candy gain changes when using Pinap and Golden Pinap (predicted, not confirmed, 4x base candy multiplier used):

Pokémon Evolution stage Candy Gain
Normal + Pinap + Golden Pinap
(example: Dratini)
3 6 12
(example: Dragonair)
5 10 20
(example: Dragonite)
10 20 40

In other words, capturing a 3rd stage evolution will almost enable you to evolve a 1st stage into a 2nd stage Pokémon! What a day to be alive!

We also expect that both Berries will restore Gym Defender motivation fully, so a Golden Nanab Berry will become the best choice for Gym Feeding. It’s possible, but this is complete speculations, that a Golden Nanab Berry could “completely calm down” a Pokémon, reducing his flee chance to 0%.

We’ll report again once the images for Golden Pinap and Nanab become available.

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