Grimer and Ivysaur bugs have been fixed

Ivysaur Grimer Bug
Ivysaur Grimer Bug

According to several reports from reddit, friends and family, the “Grimer crash” and the “Ivysaur model crash” bugs have been fixed. The fix is not related to the current 0.37.0 update, as it also seems to be fixed for players playing with an older version.

We’ve tested the fix this morning on three separate devices:

  • One Plus One – 0.37.0 APK
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 – 0.35.0 Google Play version
  • iPhone 6 – 1.5.0 iTunes version

We had no issues with the following scenarios related to Grimer and Ivysaur:

  • fighting Grimer in a gym was fine
  • viewing Grimer in Pokemon screen was fine
  • viewing Grimer in the Pokedex was fine
  • Ivysaur model renders properly
  • Viewing Ivysaur model does not crash future Pokemon encounters
  • Viewing Ivysaur model does not hide Pokemon from the map

A friend also reported that Grimer no longer causes FPS drops when using Mud Shot on his device (Samsung Galaxy A3), however, we did not encounter this issue before, so we are unable to verify the claim.

A reddit user named cbsmart also reported similar experience on /r/TheSilphRoad with similar Android devices. The comment section also filed multiple reports that the fix is effective and working.