Gyms will be temporarily disabled starting June 19


Niantic’s official Pokémon GO account has just tweeted that “we’ll be temporarily disabling Gyms starting June 19”.


The exact time when gyms will be disabled is not yet known, nor how long gyms will stayed disabled. We’ve reached out to Niantic for more information on the concrete timing of this change.

Update: even Niantic doesn’t know the concrete time! – source

I don’t have an exact time. There’s a lot of moving pieces to this process so it would be hard to promise any timeframe. But I can say that it will likely happen within West Coast, USA business hours.

Official Tweet:

Official banner at Niantic’s Support page:

Gyms will temporarily close starting Monday, June 19. Any Pokémon you’ve assigned to Gyms will be returned to you at that time.

NianticIndigo on reddit:

Heads Up: Trainers, make sure you collect your Defender bonus before Gyms go offline on Monday, June 19th.

What awaits Trainers once Gyms reopen is largely unknown, aside from what earlier data mining efforts hinted: berry feeding and real-time push notifications for various aspects of the new system.

Aside from this, a new Pokémon GO update (version 0.65) is expected to land soon. There are currently no leaks or additional information about the contents of the 0.65 update, but it is expected that the update will bring the following:

  • Gym update related image assets and client-side changes
  • Plethora of bug fixes for the client app
  • A possible move overhaul

We’ll be covering the Pokémon GO gym update in details as it starts rolling out. Stay tuned Trainers, we’ll experience this one together. We can’t emphasise how much we’re excited for this update, but we think you share our excitement.

In any case, Monday is the day. Read up on everything we know about the gym rework here.