Ho-Oh and Celebi 3D models discovered in app’s network traffic!

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hold on to your seats, the hype train is officially departing! As discovered and verified by Chrales, a PoGODev data miner, Ho-Oh and Celebi’s new 3D models are now officially on Niantic’s servers!

The data was obtained by tricking the game client to think that the player’s Pokédex already displays Ho-Oh and Celebi as caught. Once the trick was successful, Chrales was able render three new 3D models:

Be aware that their 2D icons (Pokédex sprites) are still not in the game. Once those get added, we can start speculating about a potential release date. Additionally, remember that both normal and shiny Mewtwo sprites are in the game, but we never had the opportunity to catch a shiny Mewtwo.

With that in mind, keep your hype in check and enjoy the pictures (click for a larger version).

Normal Ho-Oh

Shiny Ho-Oh

Normal Celebi

Using the existing Raid Boss CP formula, we were able to calculate both Pokémon Raid Boss CP:

  • Ho-Oh Tier 5: 48276 CP
    • Max catch CP: 2222 CP
  • Celebi Tier 5: 37733 CP
    • Max catch CP: 1766 CP

Note: the excessive gender circles are a side product of Chrales’s network modifiers:

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