Meltan and Melmetal stats added to Pokemon GO

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Trainers, the CP re-balance is not yet live, but we got something equally exciting to share: Meltan and Melmetal’s stats have been added into Pokemon GO!

ID Pokemon ATK STA DEF [email protected]
808 Meltan 112 130 113 1080
809 Melmetal 231 264 213 3875

It seems that Melmetal is not respecting the usual 9% stat nerf that Niantic has applied on the majority of Pokemon that had super high CP values. Both are pure Mythical Steel types. Perhaps it’s stats will remain though, since Niantic implemented the new CP re-balance calculations. Time will tell if it truly gets that 9% nerf. Let’s hope not…

Curiously, their moves are in as well:

Meltan Melmetal
  • Thunder Shock Electric
  • Flash Cannon Steel
  • Thunderbolt Electric
  • Thunder Shock Electric
  • Flash Cannon Steel
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • Rock Slide Rock

With or without the stat nerf, Melmetal has a predictably terrible move set. Remember trainers, Flash Cannon is the move that held Metagross back in the meta game. We’re kinda sad to see Melmetal added without it’s signature move, Double Iron Bash. A new very powerful Steel type move! Perhaps it may come in some sort of special event? Regardless, there’s still time to fix it and make Meltan the powerful Steel titan it deserves to be!

Additionally, Chrales found how the new Pokemon will look like inside the Pokedex:

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