Mewtwo capture rate is now in the Game Master file!

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we’ve observed a recent change of Mewtwo’s Base Capture Rate in the main game configuration file, also known as the Game Master (GM) file. Mewtwo’s Base Capture Rate is 6%, which is significantly higher than other Legendary BCRs.

We believe hits is due Mewtwo being available only via the Exclusive Raid system. If you missed the big news today, EX Raid invites have started rolling out. Full story here: Exclusive Raid invitations have started.

The following code excerpt shows the change (highlighted in bold):

template_id: "V0150_POKEMON_MEWTWO"
pokemon_settings {
  pokemon_id: MEWTWO
  model_scale: 0.74
  camera {
    disk_radius_m: 0.555
    cylinder_radius_m: 0.6
    cylinder_height_m: 2
    shoulder_mode_scale: 0.5
  encounter {
    base_capture_rate: 0.06
    base_flee_rate: 0.1
    collision_radius_m: 0.37
    collision_height_m: 1.184
    collision_head_radius_m: 0.185
    movement_type: MOVEMENT_JUMP
    movement_timer_s: 8
    jump_time_s: 1.2
    attack_timer_s: 3
    attack_probability: 0.1
    dodge_probability: 0.15
    dodge_duration_s: 1
    dodge_distance: 1
    camera_distance: 5.55
    min_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 0.2
    max_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 1.6

GM contains various gameplay relevant information for every available Pokémon and serves as a shorthand reference for capture encounters, collision calculations, etc. Among those value, there is also the Base Capture Rate property, which defines how difficult or easy it is to catch a particular Pokémon.

For Mewtwo, it turns out it’s not very difficult to catch it. The following table shows calculated catch percentages for every throw/berry combination against Mewtwo:

Mewtwo catch percentages
Normal Nice Great Excellent
No Berry
6.00% 6.90% 9.00% 11.10%
Curve 10.20% 11.73% 15.30% 18.87%
Razz Berry
9.00% 10.35% 13.50% 16.65%
Curve 15.30% 17.60% 18.87% 22.95%
Golden Razz Berry
15.00% 17.25% 22.50% 27.75%
Curve 25.50% 29.33% 38.25% 47.18%

In order to prepare for the upcoming Mewtwo Raid, make sure to read our Mewtwo Raid Boss guide and prepare counters accordingly.

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