Mewtwo released as a Pokemon GO Stadium Raid boss!

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as we’re writing this article, an epic battle is taking place in Yokohama, at the Pokemon GO Stadium event. Mewtwo has been released as an exclusive Raid Boss for Stadium attendees, with a Boss Max CP of 49430. This release follows a stat change that affected Mewtwo and Bellossom yesterday.

Two Youtube stars are on site, Trainer Tips and Mystic7, and we’re sharing both of their tweets. If you’re looking forward to Mewtwo fight footage, head over at their channels for video.

Cover image credit goes to Mystic7! This article will be updated through out the day if new info becomes available.


Mystic’s tweet shows an in-game Raid screen with a large number of players going towards the seating and standing area.


Nick’s tweet shows a close up of a Raid screen. Evidently this is not a Shiny Mewtwo, but it can appear for some Trainers in the Capture Bonus Challenge.

Additionally, PokeJungle has tweeted that Mewtwo is appearing at all Stadium PokeStops. What a sight to see! Additional tweets and capture images:


  • added capture screen and Pokemon page
  • added additional pictures and tweets

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