New EX Raid field tests at sponsored Gyms: Taiwan, Japan, new cities in the USA

Exclusive Raid Invitations
Exclusive Raid Invitations

A new series of EX Raid field tests is taking place worldwide, with trainers from USA, Japan and Taiwan reporting that new locations and cities have been chosen.

USA Japan/Taiwan
Date 15/09 16/09
Starts 18:00 10:00
Ends 19:00 11:00

In addition, we’ve got confirmation that not only sponsored Gyms are included in this test – Taiwanese EX Raids are taking place at normal gyms.

The EX Raid is taking place on 15th September in the US (18:00 – 19:00) and on 16th September (10:00 – 11:00) in Japan and Taiwan. All of the US based reports show that the EX Raid is taking place at Sprint sponsored stores.

The following US cities are confirmed as raid locations:

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Diego, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Oxnard, California
  • Orange, California
  • Burbank, California
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

A fan run japanese Pokémon GO website managed to record almost all of the EX Raid locations in Japan. Apparently, all of them are sponsored!

The third time Saturday, September 16, 2017 10:00-11: 00
Prefectures Place Gym name
Miyagi Prefecture Tome JOYFUL Miyagi SANNA store
Ibaraki Prefecture Tsuchiura Joifru Tsuchiura branch
Tochigi Prefecture Oyama Joyfull Oyama store
Tochigi Prefecture Moka City Joyful Muoka store
Gunma Prefecture Takasaki Joyful Takasaki store
Gunma Prefecture Kiryu shi Joyfull Kiryuu Restaurant
Saitama Ageo JOYFUL Ageo store
Saitama Sakado-shi Joyful Sakado Izumisui Store
Chiba ken Shirai Joyful Shirai store
Gifu Prefecture Minokamo City Joiful Minokamo West West
Shizuoka Prefecture Iwata-shi Joyfull Iwata Toyota store
Aichi-ken Ichimiya Joyfull Ozishi Kisogawa Store
Aichi-ken City of Toyota Joyful Toyoda Fukuda Store
Aichi-ken Toyokawa Joyful Toyokawa Hachiman store
Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi City Joyful Yokkaichi Noda store
Shiga Prefecture Omihachiman City Joyful Omihachiman store
Osaka prefecture Kaizuka Joyfull Kaizuka solder store
Hyōgo Prefecture Kakogawa Joyfull Kakogawa shop
Wakayama Prefecture Kinokawa Joyfull Wakayama Mekka store
Shimane Prefecture Izumo Joyfull Izumo Otsu store
Okayama Prefecture Okayama city Higashi-ku Joyful Okayama Hirishima branch
Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Anzai-Kita Joyful Available Store
Hiroshima Fukuyama Joifru Higashizu shop
Hiroshima Hiroshima-shi Anzan-nun Joyfull Yamamoto store
Yamaguchi Prefecture Shimonoseki Joifru Shimonoseki store
Yamaguchi Prefecture Ube City Joyful Ube central store
Tokushima Naruto city Joyful Naruto Promotion Store
Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu Joyful three-store shop
Ehime Prefecture Niihama-shi Joyfull Niihama Ogi Shop
Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Minami-ku Joyfull Noma store
Fukuoka Prefecture Kitahyushu City Yahata West District Joyfull Mikigamori store
Fukuoka Prefecture Kitakyushu city Ogura-nan Joifru Shino store
Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume-shi Joyful Yasutake branch
Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume-shi Joifru Higashikawa store
Fukuoka Prefecture Kasaya-gun Shishisho-cho Joyful excuse store
Fukuoka Prefecture Itoshima Joifru Maehara store
Saga Prefecture Saga City Joyful Saga store
Nagasaki Prefecture Omura Joyful Omura branch
Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto City Higashi-ku Joyful Esu store
Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto City Higashi-ku Joyful Akitsu store
Kumamoto Prefecture Yatsushiro city Joyful Yatsushiro West Store
Kumamoto Prefecture Tamana-shi Joyfull Kumamoto Tamana store
Oita Prefecture Oita JOYFUL Oita Kokoku Fu shop
Oita Prefecture Oita Joyfull Oita Shinkawa store
Oita Prefecture Oita Joyful Tsurusaki store
Oita Prefecture Beppu Joyful Beppu Tsurumi store
Miyazaki Miyazaki Joyful Miyazaki branch
Miyazaki Miyazaki Joyful Miyazaki Otsuka branch
Miyazaki Utsukushi Joyfull West Castle Castle Store
Miyazaki Nobeoka Joifru Nobeoka Atago Store
Kagoshima prefecture Aira City Joyfull West Kakioki branch
Kagoshima prefecture Kagoshima-shi Joyful Kagoshima central store
Okinawa Prefecture Ginowan City Joyful Oyama store
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