New Niantic security measure deployed: all third party apps affected

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A couple of days ago a new security update was deployed on Niantic’s servers, targeting all third party apps that use the unofficial Pokemon GO API.

Be aware that this security update does not target GPS spoofers, but targets accounts used by third party apps: IV checkers, online trackers and bots.

The new security update doesn’t disable the API, but rather flags accounts more aggressively, resulting in a large number of shadow bans, warnings and flagged (tainted) IPs.

The exact detection mechanism is not yet known, nor is the behavior of how the bans are distributed, but it has been reported that the new mechanism is much more efficient than the previous attempts.

The entire third party development community have joined forces and are working on a solution for the problem.

Up to this date, there have been no major breakthroughs on a potential solution.

TLDR version

  • A new security measure has been deployed
  • All third party apps that interact with Niantic’s back-end API are affected: online trackers, some IV checkers, etc
  • API is still working, but accounts are getting banned at a much faster rate than before
  • No solution has yet been discovered for the problem
  • Spoofers are not affected

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