New Team GO Rocket Members Revealed

New Team GO Rocket Executives revealed, names and images and all. Something big is cooking.

Sierra is a GO Rocket Team leader Pokemon GO, part of GO Rocket Special Research
Sierra is a Team GO Rocket member in Pokemon GO

Trainers, Professor Willow has managed to decrypt corrupted files on his computer, revealing three new Team GO Rocket members that were not known before. The three new Team GO Rocket members are named Cliff, Arlo and Sierra and each of them has a distinct character model. It’s still unknown what these characters will be doing in Pokemon GO, but given that they’re standing in front of the Viridian Gym and Giovanni, we’d say that a big fight is about to take place in the fragile GO World.


Cliff is a buff guy, featuring a musculature never before seen in Pokemon GO’s design jargon. Gone are the terracotta looking character models and chicken legged trainer renders – make room for Cliff! Cliff has a space suit, or at least that’s what we think it is, and holds a Pokeball in his left hand like it’s nothing. This military looking juggernaut is expected to use Pokemon like Tyranitar and Charizard, but that’s a wild guess on our end.

He has blue accented clothing segments on his suite, which would hint that he’s Blanche’s counterpart – if you subscribe to the “new three teams” theory.

Cliff Pokemon GO
Cliff is a Team GO Rocket member in Pokemon GO


Frankly speaking, Arlo’s background is mostly unknown to us. This geeky looking character features a distinctly casual look. In a sense, he reminds us of Flash, a fast looking character focused on speed and agility. Out of all new GO Rocket members, he looks the least menacing. We can’t really figure out which shadow Pokemon would make up his team, but our money is on Flying and Electric types. Arlo has red accented clothing elements, matching Team Valor’s style.

Arlo Pokemon GO
Arlo is a Team GO Rocket member in Pokemon GO


Sierra is the last member to be introduced, and she’s the only new female GO Rocket member. If we’d have to take a guess, we’d categorize her as “the brains” of the new trio, likely using Dark and Psychic types for her advantage. She has a lovely white costume which strikes a beautiful contrast with other GO Rocket members. Yellow and purple accents run through her suit.

Sierra Pokemon GO
Sierra is a Team GO Rocket member in Pokemon GO

Parting words

Here goes a wild guess: Cliff, Arlo and Sierra are new story characters that will be featured as special Raid Bosses, preceding Giovanni as the final GO Rocket encounter in this invasion cycle. This is a wild guess, but it seems to make the most sense among all the theories we’ve read on Discord and Reddit.

For now, their influence is unknown, with the official Pokemon GO Twitter account claiming that We don’t know how these characters will affect the world of Pokémon GO. Please stay tuned as Willow continues to investigate”. Investigate all you want Willow, we know what we’re rooting for. New raid bosses, new encounter mode, something along PvE raids with NPCs. 

Side note: Serebii is calling the new characters “admins”, which is very intriguing given the website’s close association with The Pokemon Company International. According to Bulbapedia, they are the highest ranked members of Team Rocket after Giovanni, and are the heads of Team Rocket after he abandons the organization. They tend to use a combination of Poison-type and Dark-type Pokémon. We’ll see about this.