New wave of EX raid invites (Feb 10/11) includes gyms that were never raided

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a new wave of EX Raid invites has gone out, targeting an EX raid taking place on February 10th (or 11th), depending on the players time zone. However, something is different this time, as the system seems to give out invitations for gyms that haven’t been raided in months.

As of the time of this writing, we have a massive amount of players reporting that they’ve received an invite at:

  • a gym where they haven’t raided in months
  • a gym where they have never raided

We are clueless as to what is going on, as our local group is experiencing the same phenomena, with an EX raid being triggered at a gym in one of the least active areas of Kastela (a Croatian city near Split). Our Spanish team is reporting a similar story, receiving an EX invite for a gym that wasn’t raided since August.

We urge our readers to report their invitations promptly, especially if there is a discrepancy in the system. We’re trying to get at the bottom of this, but it seems that Mewtwo’s birthday was a very special day indeed.

We are also collecting data on the new raid. You can submit your feedback using this Google Form. We urge you to share it with your local community so that data collection goes faster:

Proof of receiving an invite for a gym that was never raided:

Proof for receiving an invite at a gym that wasn’t raided recently:

Proof that not all tweets age well:

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