News Roundup: Entei Arrives, Silver Pinap, Shiny Growlithe, New Research Rewards, EX Raid Wave, and More!

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Trainers, with the start of September, Niantic has decided to mix things up a little bit, so much so that we thought it only appropriate to start the month off with a news roundup!

Entei Arrives

Following the already known research breakthrough pattern, and the previous announcement made by Niantic, it comes as no surprise to see that Entei has made its appearance through the Research System, and well, enough reading, let’s take a look at the graphic put together by our very own CoupleOfGaming!


New Sliver Pinap Research Reward

To go along with the reintoduction of Entei, and as previously stated, Trainers can now find research rewards closely related to Fire types! Not only this, but the research rewards this time around offer a few new faces, starting with the appearance of the Silver Pinap first introduced in Celebi’s quest!

New Spinda Pattern

You might have noticed by the previous image, but Spinda has made a comeback! Although, wait…it looks different? That’s right Trainers! Spinda is back, but not the one you met last month, this one has a completely new Pattern, so be sure to go out and catch it as soon as possible!

Based on how we saw a Spinda pattern last month and now this month, we could possible interpret that we will be seeing a new Spinda Pattern every month.

Old Spinda Pattern (Pattern 1) New Spinda Pattern (Pattern 2)
pokemon_icon_327_18.png pokemon_icon_327_13.png

Shiny Growlithe is Live

As we have previously seen with Research Breakthroughs, we now have a new Shiny to catch! And well, what better Fire type beast is there to be shiny other than the baby Entei, Growlithe! So be sure to shiny check all those pesky Growlithe from now on!

Regular Variations Shiny Variations
pokemon_icon_058_00.png pokemon_icon_058_00_shiny.png
pokemon_icon_059_00.png pokemon_icon_059_00_shiny.png

EX Raid Wave: September 9/10

Of course the weekly EX Raid passes are out so congratulations to all the Trainers who were successful is getting their Raid Pass! And like always, we hope that those that didn’t have better luck this week, although some of us are expecting that the Ultra Bonus reward coming soon could be a Mewtwo day! So, stay optimistic Trainers and work hard for that EX Raid Pass! Like always, here are some graphics to get you into the EX Raid mood.

Shiny Wingull is Live

Just as we saw in the previous events this summer, as Wingull made its increased appearance in Japan, along with its shiny variation, it quickly afterwards became available worldwide, although causing a bit of outrage. So what was so upsetting compared to the other events? Well, with the previous events, we saw a huge increase in the highlighted shiny worldwide, although this time, the amount of Wingulls appearing has been well…well below average.

Regular Variations Shiny Variations
pokemon_icon_278_00.png pokemon_icon_278_00_shiny.png
pokemon_icon_279_00.png pokemon_icon_279_00_shiny.png

Global Challenge Status

Trainers, we are already half way to unlocking the 1 hour star piece bonus! Go out and finish as much research as possible! Want to see for yourself? Check out the official Pokémon GO twitter account!