Niantic Announces it’s reverting incorrectly applied strikes

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Hello Trainers,

Earlier today a wave of bans and strikes went out against a fair number of trainers that did not deserve it. Reaction on Twitter was swift, with a number of Trainers tagging @NianticHelp on Twitter asking them what was going on.

At the time of this article the tweet has over 180 comments, with almost all of them indicating that they were the target of one of these bans.

Niantic has just tweeted out that they are investigating the issue, and will be rolling back these punishments for all Trainers who were affected even if they didn’t contact Niantic Support.

If you were unfortunate enough to receive one of these bans, rest assured that Niantic is working on the issue and your account will be restored to its previous state. At this time we don’t have a timeline for the restorations.

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