Niantic Campfire 1.27.0 APK Breakdown

Hello Trainers! The PokéMiners have done a mini teardown on Niantic Campfire and found some interesting stuff.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentaries.


First off, Niantic officially announced that Campfire would be releasing via a global rollout in the coming days!  They tout the app as a way for trainers to more easily communicate with each other, discover new communities, and enjoy local raid battles.  Trainers will even be able to add a “Flare” to a raid to indicate they would like to participate, and alert nearby trainers.  So much to look forward to!

Now let’s take a look at what the PokéMiners found!

Campfire Assets

As this is a brand new app you can imagine they found a lot of assets, so they’ve picked out the best ones.  Poor Transformers…

The bottom row seems interesting, I imagine the number on the wayspot icons are the number of trainers interested in participating in the raid at that gym?  If so, that’s really awesome.

What’s Around You

Nearby Player Activity

CHECK_OUT_PLAYER_ACTIVITY_MAP: Want to see where other players are catching Pokémon? Check out the player activity map!
SEE_LIVE_ACTIVITY_AROUND_YOU: See live activity around you

There is an activity map that speculation is will show what trainers around you are catching and where, making it easy to identify nests nearby.

Protecting your Privacy

AROUND_ME: Around Me
INFO_AROUND_ME: Sharing “Around Me” maintains your privacy by generalizing the location of your post to a {{distance}}km radius around your current location.

If you opt in to sharing your “Around me” data the app will generalize your location to protect your privacy.

Sharing Spawns

RADIUS_AROUND_ME: {{distance}}km Radius Around Me 
WHERE_POKEMON_WAS_CAUGHT: Where Pokémon Was Caught,

Sharing spawns around where you are

People around you 


It seems this portion isn’t used at the moment, but might be in the future

Location Sharing

LOCATION_SHARE_DIALOG_DESCRIPTION: Meet up with friends more easily by sharing your live location! Everyone in the conversation you share it to will be able to see your location from their messages.
YOURE_SHARING_YOUR_LIVE_LOCATION: You're sharing your live location with the Community
YOURE_SHARING_YOUR_LIVE_LOCATION_WITH_THE_GROUP: You're sharing your live location with {{groupName}}
SHARING_ENDED: Sharing ended
SHARING_ON_MAP: Sharing on map

You will be able to share your location with your friends or people in your group, and you’ll be able to stop sharing your location as well.


Privacy Notice

PRIVACY_ON_MAP_DISCLAIMER: To protect the privacy of our players, heatmap data shows a group of players in an area. It is never a direct representation of any single player.

Making Posts

ERROR_UPLOADING_POST: Something went wrong while uploading your photo. Please try again.

You will apparently be able to upload photo’s to the map and attach a message to it as well. 

Home Base for Communities

WHERES_YOUR_HOME_BASE: Where’s your home base?
YOUR_HOME_BASE_IS_WHERE: Your home base is where your Community gathers together.

You’ll be able to set a home base for your community.

Moving Flares

MOVE_FLARE: Move Flare?

You’ll be able to move flares attached to gyms, perhaps if you finished a raid and want to move towards a new one?  Rather than delete your flare then create a new one?

Recent Activity

NUM_PEOPLE_PLAYING_IN_LAST_HOUR: {{count}} people playing in the last hour

Display text for the number of people playing in the last hour, the PokéMiners mentioned this appears to be globally?  Which is an odd number to want to display, but ok.


The PokéMiners mentioned there’s a lot of text associated with the moderation portion, and they picked out some of the more important bits.

ARE_YOU_SURE_ADMIN: Are you sure you want to make {{displayName}} an admin?
ARE_YOU_SURE_BAN: Are you sure you want to ban {{displayName}}?
ARE_YOU_SURE_SUSPEND: Are you sure you want to suspend {{displayName}}?

Chanel Creation

 TEXT_CHANNEL_CREATION: Allow any member to create text channels

It looks like you’ll be able to create channels within your community.

Report User

REPORT_USER_DESC: Report this user to the Niantic Trust & Safety Team if they're breaking the Community Guidelines

You’ll be able to report users to the Niantic Trust & Safety Team if they’re breaking Guidelines.

General Data Protection Regulation Support


If you don’t know, GDPR is an EU law centered around data protection and privacy in the European Union.  This is support for that.

That’s all, stay safe out there trainers!

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I've been playing Pokemon Go since the game launched way back in 2016, I am a loyal Valor player and also a content creator on YouTube going by the name Professor Glaw.

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