Niantic is teasing a Generation IV related announcement with a secret countdown

Niantic has finished a series of Generation IV posts on social media, featuring the three starter in reverse Pokedex order. The series started with Piplup, continued with Chimchar and ended with Turtwig, eerily resembling a 3-2-1 countdown.

If rumors are to be believed, Generation IV (or at least a part of it) will be released tomorrow, following the end of Psychic Spectacular event. We tend to partially agree with this theory, as it aligns perfectly with social media hints, event timings and Niantic’s release schedule patterns we’ve observed.

However, due to 0.123.1 update still not enforced as the minimum required app version, we are not fully on board with the hype trainer. Lack of a forced update, combined with the size and importance of this release (the announced CP formula changes), is doubt inducing.


Update: the patch is now live on iOS and Android app stores.

Piplup teaser (12 Oct 2018, Friday)

The first installment of the Gen IV starter teasers featured Piplup, a Water type with Pokedex number 393, placing it after Turtwig and Chimchar. Piplup is depicted swimming and hunting under ice, perfectly fitting the penguin theme behind it’s design:

Piplup’s final evolution stage is Empoleon, an exciting Water and Steel typed Pokémon with the highest attack stat among Gen 1 – 4 Water starters. We already wrote in depth about Empoleon (check out our Empoleon guide), and we stand by our earlier article: Empoleon needs a super solid move set to be viable, as Metagross is a better Steel type and Kyogre is the best Water type across all generations.

Chimchar teaser (13 Oct 2018, Saturday)

The second teaser features Chimchar, a Fire type Generation IV starter with Pokedex number 390. Chimchar’s teaser is the first to mention the word “soon”!

Chimchar is a cool addition, despite its final evolution – Infernape – being a weaker version of Blaziken. We’ll see how the CP formula changes will affect Infernape, but for now its future doesn’t look bright.

Turtwig teaser (14 Oct 2018, Sunday)

The third, and likely final, teaser features Turtwig,a Grass type starter that marks the beginning of Sinnoh Pokedex. The official social posts hunt the following:

Turtwig is a very interesting starter, as it evolves into Torterra. Torterra is a dual Grass and Ground type with stats that exceed both Venusaur and Sceptile (and Meganium of course), even bordering with the mighty Tangrowth. You should definitely read our Torterra guide… which we’ll have to update soon, but hey, go ahead.