Niantic Wayfarer Event in South Korea

Niantic Wayfarer
Niantic Wayfarer

A special Niantic Wayfarer event takes place in South Korea, from February 19, 2020 to March 9, 2020. Players are given an opportunity to unlock limited Field Research tasks in their hometown area by participating in the Wayfarer review process.

Event details

At the start of the event, you can reset the hometown location registered with Niantic Wayfarer, or use your current hometown location to select a representative area for the event. Niantic will give Korean players a chance to change their hometown location after the event.

Players can earn points based on each Trainer’s Niantic Wayfarer activity during the event. Individual points will be summed together post event, and the region with most points will be rewarded with a Limited Research event. Limited time field research will be available to anyone in the representative area with the highest final points.

Players can earn points for their region by doing regular Niantic Wayfarer stuff: you earn 1 point per agreement, regardless if the portal was Accepted or Rejected.

The representative and included areas for the event are as follows:

  • Seoul Area (Representative Area): Seoul Metropolitan City (Included Area)
  • Gyeonggi-do Area (Representative Area): Gyeonggi-do including Incheon Metropolitan City (Included Area)
  • Gangwon-do Area (Representative Area): Entire Gangwon-do (Included Area)
  • South Chungcheong Province (representative regions), Daejeon, and the entire South Chungcheong Province, including three kinds of special jachisi (regions)
  • North Chungcheong Province area (representative regions) Chungbuk overall (including local)
  • North Jeolla region (representative regions): All North Jeolla Province ( regions Covered)
  • South Jeolla region (representative regions): full Jeollanam-do, including Gwangju and Jeju (regions)
  • Gyeongsangbuk-do region (representative regions): All North Gyeongsang Province, including Daegu (regions)
  • Gyeongnam region ( Representative region): Gyeongsangnam-do, including Busan and Ulsan (inclusive)