it’s now official, after months of rumors and hints – Niantic is making a new AR game, set in the Harry Potter world and titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. A Techcrunch article states the following:

The app is now official, but the details are still scarce, with the launch timeframe of just sometime next year, but it sounds like there will be significant influence from the Niantic game Ingress, which allows players to roam the real world collecting power-ups, defending locations and exploring their environment.

An official Niantic statement is yet to be made, but we’re already working hard on figuring out when and where this game is coming out. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you are probably as excited to read this as we are.

If Ingress is to be translated into “Harry Potter GO”, it’s almost a perfect match, with Ingress glyphs becoming spells, links and portals becoming Vanishing Cabinets and Portkeys, etc..

There are very little details about this game, but we’re looking forward to data mining the hell out of it. If anything, we expect this game to be at least as big as Pokémon GO was. We’ll update you on our future Wizards United coverage, most likely published on our sister site!

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