some players are reporting a noticeable increase in spawn numbers of Party Pikachu. Have you noticed a similar trend in your area? Share your observations in the comment section below.

The increase

Party Pikachu was a rare sight for most players, ourselves included. That is, up to today, as it seems. There are currently 2 threads on TheSilphRoad subreddit reporting the same, but a player named FrankieTAE went the furthest to get to the bottom of this.

His research uses real time tracker data in his city and it includes approximately 1 million recorded spawns per date. His results show a noticeable increase from 0.33% to 0.591% for the past 24 hours!

Here’s the full report in question:

A few days ago I made a post about the spawn rate of Partychu in my city based on statistics from our local tracker:

Pikachu was 0.333% of spawns for the first day of Partychu.

I checked the spawn rate for the past 24 hours and it has increased to 0.591%.

DISCLAIMER: Even though I made this abundantly clear in my last post, it was deleted because people got confused. These percentages are for my city and my city alone. This is biome-dependent. The point is, Pikachu spawn rates yesterday were almost twice as high as the first day of the event, so they have increased, though the exact numbers/percentages may vary based on your area

We can’t yet confirm this with a high degree of confidence, however, anecdotal evidence in our local hunting group says the same. The number of Party Pikachus is still low, however, it seems like there has been a change.