Pokémon GO 0.103.3 tear down: Blast Burn, bulk Rare Candy usage and bug fixes

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Trainers, a new Pokemon GO update (0.103.3) is slowly rolling out on Android, and the GO Hub’s mining team took a close look at what’s new in this release. You can snatch an early copy on APK Mirror, the team has verified it as safe to use (OPO 3T device used).

What’s new in the 0.103.3 update? Well, mostly bug fixes, but there are a few really cool things which we’ll go over now. Also, no new asset files were found and you can see the full asset diff here (Github link).

Hello, Blast Burn Charizard

Blast Burn has been discovered in the APK, confirming it as Charizard’s exclusive Community Day move. The stats are not yet in, but the move itself has been supported. Curiously, move’s sound and visual effects have not been found yet!

We are expecting Blast Burn to be a fairly strong Fire type move that will boost Charizard’s performance, on par with how Frenzy Plant improved Venusaur. We have a great guide on Frenzy Plant Venusaur, so you might want to check that one later.


Submit a Pokestop feature now has proper error handling

The Pokestop submission feature has received two new flags: Internal Error and Too Many recent submissions, which hints that the feature is in active testing phase somewhere on planet Earth. Niantic is very careful not to reveal too much about it, but this ongoing additions suggest that testers are, at least in part, using the 0.103.3 version to test it.


More raid telemetry added

We’ve seen a great deal of telemetry being added over the course of the past few updates, and this one is no exception. While raiding, the game will now track your onscreen frame rate and log that info, enabling NIA to resolve performance issues easier than before.


AR Prompt dialog added

We haven’t been able to find what this dialog is used for, but we’re guessing it’s activated once you click the AR button.


New Star Piece bundle in store

A new Star Piece bundle is now also available in the in-game store. It contains 8 Star Pieces and costs 400 Poke coins. This bundle was also reflected as an addition to the Game Master file:

item_templates {
  template_id: "starpiece.8"
  iap_item_display {
    sku: "starpiece.8"
    sort_order: 4

Official change log, cool tidbits and screenshots

  • You can use Rare Candy in bulk mode now! Rejoice, you can finally dump dozen of candy into Feebas!
  • The game will prompt you to accept the Privacy Policy on launch. Does this have to do anything with European’s recent GDPR initiative? The GDPR initiative mandates software developers to have a “I agree with this privacy policy” button, completely disclosing which Personal Identifying Information they are storing about you and providing you a mechanism to delete that data.


Bulk Rare Candy usage, finally!
Privacy Policy prompt

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