Pokémon GO 0.67.2 data mining report: One Year Anniversary

Pokemon GO APK
Pokemon GO APK


in order to address a large number of bugs with the new Raid system, a new Pokémon GO update has been released – 0.67.2. The update is available as an APK on APK Mirror and it’s safe.


Not a lot was expected from this update, but we did find something very interesting: a new ONE_YEAR_ANNIVERSARY flag was silently added to the APK, likely indicating that a special event will take place on the game’s anniversary. No date has been given yet.

There is a number of smaller fixes for the following:

  • a new pre-battle time buffer was added
  • camera movement and model scaling in Gyms

As far as image assets go, there are no significant changes. The Star Sky texture was updated, but not a lot, as you can see here. No signs of the Golden Pinap and the Golden Nanab Berry yet.

Star Sky Texture

There were also several translation fixes, but nothing important to note.