Apple just released their end of year App Store numbers for 2017, prominently featuring Pokemon GO as the top grossing app on the App Store.

The report says this about the app’s rise to first place:

Pokémon GO went back to the top of the App Store charts on December 21 with the introduction of new augmented reality features, built on Apple’s ARKit framework for more detailed and realistic gameplay.

Naturally, Apple highlights partners and friends, especially when they’re early adopters of a brand new technology – ARKit. Apple’s Newsroom post even features a video of Pokemon GO’s AR+ in action, with a player attempting to catch a wild Snorlax (CP 713, what a shame).

A similar thing was observed on Google Play, where the app jump from #17 to #2 top grossing app in the USA. It seems that the launch of Generation III and the new sale boxes was a revenue smash hit for Niantic.