Pokémon GO players still love to spend, as Pokémon GO is back in the Top 5 grossing apps on the iPhone marketplace. Android based Trainers are not that keen on spending money on in-game events, as Pokémon GO is still at number 23 on the Google Play store.

The Solstice event is proving to be one of the best events so far, standing shoulder to shoulder with the fabled Halloween 2016 event.

The event also experienced one of the smoothest event launches to date, as there were no “first-hour-rares-everywhere” oddities reported, nor did the PTC (Pokémon Trainer Club) login went down.

According to player reports, the event spawns are uniformly distributed across all Biomes, bringing special delight to players who live in the Desert biome. Lapras should be less mythical after the Solstice event ends.

As a reminder, the Solstice event features the following:

  • Increased fire and ice spawns
  • 3x throw bonuses
  • 3x catch bonus
  • 5x egg hatch bonus
  • 50% Lucky Egg sale