Ditto SA
Ditto SA

As reported and verified on TheSilphRoad reddit, a Trainer caught a Rattata and his Rattata turned into Ditto after the capture screen! More than hundred other trainers reported the same phenomena: low CP Pokémon turning into Ditto after being captured!

Found Ditto! from TheSilphRoad

The tracker seems to be active in more places worldwide and the game is running in 60 FPS for an increasing number of players. Current list of locations where tracker is available:

  • Australia
  • US West Coast
  • US Midwest
  • Mexico

Not yet:

  • New Zealand
  • US East Coast
  • Europe
  • S.E. Asia
  • Japan

This is what reddit says about the recent happenings:

[–]dronpes [+9]Silph Executive[M] 97 bodova  

Congratulations, /u/Kvothealar – you were the very first on the Road to report the capture. You win! We’ve removed all but your capture report to declutter the sub. Consider yourself PokeMaster for the day. 🙂