Pokémon GO Earned $1.4B Dollars in 2019


According to data released in SuperData’s 2019 Year In Review report , Pokémon GO has earned $1.4B US Dollars in 2019. Niantic’s free-to-play game has managed to land on the 6th place of the “Top free-to-play-games by revenue” list, falling behind mobile titles  like Honour of Kings and Candy Crush Saga.

Free-to-play games revenue has been steadily growing for years, with another 6% increase observed in 2019. Free-to-play spending accounted for 80% of all digital games revenue in 2019. The business model’s low barrier to entry is often ideal for multiplayer games that depend on maintaining a large player base, such as Pokémon GO.

According to SuperData, in 2018 Pokémon GO earned $1.3 billion dollars, up from $890M in 2017. Pokémon GO has been a successful revenue performer throughout the past three years, rising from #9 in 2017, to #4 in 2017 and finally to #6 in 2019 (data according to SuperData’s Year in Review reports).

Since 2017, Niantic was very successful at incentivizing player spending, managing to raise Pokémon GO’s revenue by 46% in 2018 and keeping it roughly the same in 2019. Niantic never released how different Pokémon GO features perform in terms of revenue, but raids (and Premium Raid Passes) seem to be most successful revenue stream.

With the arrival of GO Battle League in 2020, we’re expecting to see higher earnings from core players group, but we don’t expect to see a large increase in yearly revenue.

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