Pokemon GO EX Gyms Update October 2019

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Trainers, a global Pokemon GO EX Gym update has just landed bringing a metric ton of new EX Gyms around the globe.

What’s curious is that some of these new Gyms don’t seem to be following the previously established park rule and can appear outside parks. This has brought a lot of confusion as we’re unable to pinpoint exactly what’s eligible to be an EX Gym now.

What we think with a high degree of confidence is that existing EX Gyms were not removed, we’re seeing only additions.

Previously, EX Gyms were only found in parks. We’re monitoring the update and we’ll update this article as more information comes in.

Here’s what we previously knew about EX Gyms:

Since November 11 2016, the only gyms that were eligible for hosting EX Raids are as follows:

  • Sponsored gym locations (depends on your local Pokémon GO sponsor)
  • “Gyms located in parks”, or more accurately gyms tagged with one of the park-related OpenStreetMap tags

On February 7th, 2018, Niantic posted an update on EX Raid Battle Invitations. According to that post, Trainers with a higher level Gym Badge have a higher chance of being invited to an EX Raid Raid.

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