Pokemon GO India release date leaked?

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We’ve received an anonymous tip that the Pokemon GO India release is coming soon – we’re talking weeks soon. We are still working on verifying the claim, but this “tipster” proved fairly accurate before.

As per the tip, Pokemon GO should release in India in the first half of November, with the release date still not known. There is no information in regards to the Russian release yet.

Pokemon GO India is going to be huge

Given on how many people are already playing in India already, despite being forced to download APKs, it’s going to be one bumpy release. Indian players are crazy over Pokemon GO, especially in cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi, where hundreds are gathering to catch Pokemon characters.

Interestingly, Niantic did previously say: “We are working hard to bring the game to more (India, we hear you!).” nodding to the tremendous interest in that region.

Some trainers in India have used accounts linked to U.S.- or Britain-based app stores to download the game. Others resort to VPN access and other methods to get their daily Pokemon fix.

Trainers in India playing despite the game not being officially released

We are quite interested to see how this release will pan out, as it’s one of the biggest and most densely populated areas of the world. Indian players are known for their persistence and dedication to grind.

Pokemon GO India APK

If you are still not sure how to download Pokemon GO APK and how to “skip the wait”, make sure to read up on it here. APKs from APK Mirror are safe and secure, they’re 100% pure rips from the official Google Play store.

However, we still advise all players to take extra caution as Niantic is known to temporarily ban users for playing in region locked areas of the world.

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