Nick from Trainer Tips, a very popular Pokémon GO Youtube Channel, announced that his GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign is successfully funded! As of the time of this writing, Pokémon GO players all around the world managed to collect more than $17,000 for Nick’s trip to Japan.

As we previously reported, Niantic recently announced a Lapras event in the Tohoku Region of Japan. This is the area affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami – one of the costliest natural disasters in human history.

Trainer Tips in Japan

Nick is one of the coolest Pokémon GO Youtubers, with great reputation and popularity in the worldwide community. He pledged to spend only $1,200 on flight tickets and accommodations, and spend the rest of the money in support of struggling local businesses in tsunami damaged areas.

The idea behind the trip is to investigate how can a Pokémon GO event influence local tourism and how much power does Niantic hold with their event infrastructure.

It’s a noble cause, as Trainer Tips influence on Youtube is huge and any promotion for the Tohoku Region is good. Here’s the official campaign video:

This is what Nick said for his campaign and the motivation behind it:

“To secure the cheapest flight, I need to leave on Wednesday, November 16th, which doesn’t leave much time to raise this money. Regardless of the success of this campaign, I’m making the trip, but if you’d like to help offset the costs, please consider donating.

It means so much to me to have such a supportive community willing to help me make this trip happen. I’ve never been one to ask for money – I feel the revenue I earn by creating videos on YouTube is more than enough. But for those of you willing to support my creativity beyond just watching ads, this is your chance. I am immensely grateful.”