Pokémon GO removes Tier 2 and Tier 4 raids


Niantic has announced that they will be removing Tier 2 and Tier 4 raids from Pokémon GO. Both tiers were in a weird place difficulty wise, and the removal should make it easier to balance rewards and raiding difficulty across the board. Here’s what Niantic shared via Twitter:

Trainers, we’ve made some changes to the raid tiers:

  • There will no longer be two-star or four-star raids.
  • Pokémon from two-star and four-star raids have been added to the tier below them, respectively.
  • Rewards for one-star raids and three-star raids are increased to what two-star and four-star raids awarded, respectively.

We’ll be releasing a more detailed update on these changes soon. Thank you!

Raid bosses after Tier 2/4 removal

Tier 1
Timburr Prinplup Gligar
Marowak Kingler Shinx
Oshawott Sandshrew Wailmer
Tier 3
Marowak (Alola) Rhydon Onix
Raichu (Alola) Vaporeon Claydol
Machamp Donphan
Tier 5