Trainers, last year’s Pokémon GO Travel campaign is nominated for the 22nd Webby Award in the Events category. You can cast your vote here, but before you go, we have some interesting facts about the event, shared by Wieden+Kennedy, a full service integrated advertising agency that was in charge of the event:

  • 3.6 billion Pokémon caught in just 7 days
  • 5 billion media impressions
  • 140 countries participated
  • 70 million organic social media impressions
  • 3 million views on community generated Youtube Content

You can read in depth about the event and how Wieden+Kennedy created the concept on their official case study web page, published for the Webby awards contest. In the case study, Wieden+Kennedy frankly addresses the perception shift that occurred in 2017 and explains how the event actively fought against “Pokémon GO is dead” perception by setting a seemingly impossible goal and celebrating players success once it was achieved!

As of the time of this publication, the Pokémon GO Travel event is ranking as second in the category, with 24% of votes. The #1 spot is taken by, aka reliving the best 2017 World Series moments in baseball, and the difference is only 1%. We hope that the votes of our readers can help to overcome this difference.

Pokémon GO Travel is currently #2 on the Webby Awards 2018

We’re excited to see that Niantic is reaching out to advertising professionals and sharing some of the work to third parties that specialise in advertisement and event management. We’ve quite enjoyed the Pokémon GO Travel event and we were wondering if something like that could happen again. Hopefully, given the stellar results of last year’s iteration, we could be seeing a reprisal in 2018.

P.S. GO Hub screenshot is in the case study video, side by side with Polygon, Forbes, IGN and other huge media outlets! Ah, the old logo nostalgia…

GO Hub screenshot spotted in the wild